Top Tips On Keeping Warm At Night

The temperature seems to have plummeted in the last couple of weeks, with our Indian Summer being replaced by bitterly cold winds and torrential rain. This has meant most of us have had to find ways to keep warm to get a restful sleep.

However, energy prices are soaring at the moment, with the BBC reporting bills are expected to rise by £1,277 a year.

This huge increase could be catastrophic for many households, with National Energy Action’s Adam Scorer telling the news provider it will “drive over 500,000 more households into fuel poverty, leaving them unable to heat or power their homes”.

Therefore, it is wise to look for alternative means to keep your bedroom warm, so you’re not tempted to crank the heating up and spend even more money on your energy bill.

  • Warmer duvets

The most obvious solution is to use a higher tog duvet, swapping your lighter summer blanket for one with a thermal insulation of 13.5 to 15.

You could also opt for an electric blanket or an electric mattress pad that heats up the bed underneath the sheets.

  • Several layers of bedding

Alternatively, if you don’t want to invest in lots of new bedding, why not simply layer the ones you already have?

No Sleepless Nights stated: “The idea is to create layers of insulation and trap air (which is a poor conductor of heat).”

It also suggested alternating between thick and thin layers, as this “maximise[s] the insulation effect”.

  • Install a radiator shelf

One idea you might not have considered before is installing a shelf to sit above your radiator. This helps warm up the room as the heat will be trapped by the shelf, reducing how much gets lost by rising to the ceiling.

House Beautiful recommends buying a floating shelf for around £8 – a small price to pay to control the spread of heat around the bedroom.

  • Move your bed

Many people choose to place their bed near to the window so they can enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning. However, this could be affecting your sleep if a draught from outside is making you feel cold at night.

“The glass will cool down considerably during the night, thus cooling the inside air near the window. As a result, you will feel colder as well if you are in the vicinity,” according to The Spruce

Instead, move the bed to the wall and place it against a crushed velvet headboard, which will definitely feel cosy and warm during the winter months.

  • Keep curtains open

It is true that curtains trap in heat, but it is also a good idea to open them during the day to let sunlight naturally warm the area.

By drawing your curtains after you wake up until around 1500 when the temperature begins to drop, you can take advantage of the heat outside. Just make sure you close your blinds or curtains once the sun begins to set in the afternoon in order to keep that warm air in.

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