Top Tips For Keeping Your Bed Cool At Night

During scorching summer nights it can be difficult to stay cool and get the restful, comfortable sleep you need to be ready for the day ahead.

Many people improvise with an electric fan or a damp flannel on the forehead, but there are better ways to keep yourself cool at night, and they start with your soft velvet bed.

According to The Sleep Charity, the ideal temperature for your bedroom is slightly below room temperature, between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius.

Any temperature above 24 degrees will have a major impact on your sleep, and so ensuring you keep cool is essential, and it starts with your bed itself.

Here are some top tips for keeping cool at night.

Freeze Your Bedding

If you have space in your freezer, place your bedsheets in the freezer and take them out around bedtime.

This will keep them at an ideal temperature and stop your body from melting in the heat.

Along with this, if you have any ice packs, stick them in your pillowcases and it will help to keep your head cool, which affects how the rest of your body feels.

A Cold Water Bottle

If you have a hot water bottle lying around, it can easily be turned into an effective way to cool your bed.

Instead of filling it with boiling water, fill it with ice-cold water and place it in your bed as you go to sleep. Much like a hot water bottle radiates heat, a cold water bottle will lower the temperature of your bed and by extension your body temperature.

Change Your Bedding

Synthetic fibres are designed to absorb heat, making them less than ideal during balmy nights.

Instead, opt for cotton, linen, silk and other breathable natural fibres, as well as duvets with a Tog rating under 4.5 to stop you from feeling wrapped up in the heat.

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