Top Ten Interior Design Trends That Increase Rental Prices

The year 2021 has been the year of the staycation, where people have opted to have a short break in the UK as opposed to travelling abroad for their holidays.

According to information provided by the Sykes Staycation Index, almost 80 per cent of British people planned holidays in 2021.

Whilst the location in question is the most important factor in ascertaining demand for a given holiday home, it turns out that interior design trends have a rather substantial impact on the price as well, with a velvet bed or light minimalist furniture making all the difference.

With that in mind, here are the ten interior design trends that will make you the most money in self-catering rent, according to Airbnb average prices per night.

10: Modern Country (£82 per night)

A pastoral paradise built from wood and natural materials, modern country is a slight twist on the traditional simplicity of country dwellings.

Made up of natural textures, neutral colours and muted tones, modern country is all about making guests feel welcomed and comforted.

9: Industrial Style (£83.75 Per Night)

Taking inspiration from the warehouses, factories and other relics of the Industrial Revolution, industrial-style is a versatile, character-filled interior design aesthetic that takes full advantage of exposed building materials such as metal, brick and concrete.

8: Maximalist (£85.90 Per Night)

A reaction to minimalism that has become exceedingly popular over the last two years, maximalism is about embracing busy styles, bright colour schemes and an excess of trinkets and trophies littering the spaces.

7: Earthy (£89.33 Per Night)

The last two years has made many people reevaluate their relationship with nature, and as a result, earthy interior design principles aim to bring the great outdoors into our homes.

Expect rustic modernism, green tones, natural materials and an abundance of green in these four walls.

6: Modern (£91 Per Night)

Modernism has been the centre to which the rest of the interior design has revolved around, with most styles created in the years since being some form of reaction to its core design philosophies.

Dominated by simple colours, clean geometric designs and clear spaces, modernism is built around simplicity, connectivity and creating a sense of calm.

5: Minimalism (£93.70 per night)

The most dominant interior design of the past 30 years, minimalism takes the simple principles behind modernism to their logical extreme and focuses purely on the essential above all else.

Light, neutral colours, functional design and a lack of excess helps to create the purest form of interior design.

4: Vintage (£96.14 Per Night)

Defining vintage can be quite tricky, as many definitions on what time period classifies as vintage differs, but typically a vintage design evokes the spirit of 1940s Hollywood, with classic touches such as chandeliers, analogue clocks and vintage lighting systems.

3: Art Deco (£98.20 Per Night)

The style that epitomises the Roaring 20s, art deco has made a comeback a century later at the start of the Roaring 2020s.

Evoking the spirit of The Great Gatsby, art deco is about embracing metals, sleek symmetrical design and opulent colours and textiles, making for a truly luxurious stay.

2: Coastal (£101.44 Per Night)

Evoking the spirit of the sea, coastal interior designs are light, airy, dominated by different shades of blue and create a peaceful, truly beautiful atmosphere.

Given the mix of chic and calm, it is no surprise that the coastal look has proved very popular with staycation goers.

1: Cottagecore (£104.95 Per Night)

An extremely new but also wildly popular interior design aesthetic, cottagecore is an idealised modern take on rural life, surrounded by animals, patterns, colour and nature.

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