How To Sleep Through A Heatwave

Getting a good night’s sleep is something most of us can’t do without, but right now it isn’t just a more comfortable bed that many will be yearning for.

With a heatwave sweeping across Britain, many folk will be struggling with the high temperatures. For every person who likes nothing more than to get out there and sunbathe, there will be others who can’t wait to get in the shadows and enjoy a nice cold drink.

Inevitably, it will get warm even in a fairly shaded room in the house, which means that your bedroom can be uncomfortably hot at night. To avoid a sleepless, sweaty night, there are various steps you can take.

An obvious move is to keep the windows open at night to allow a bit of cooler air to circulate. This will help drop the temperature a little bit, although it does come with the potential downside of letting insects in, so if you don’t like moths flitting around you may want to use a bit of repellent.

You can also cool yourself down with a shower before bed, use a fan, drink iced water, take cold and wet towels to the bedroom with you and slow down your metabolism a bit by avoiding large meals or alcohol too near to bedtime.

However, there is also much you can do with your bed itself. Needless to say, there is nothing like a soft velvet bed to give you extra comfort that can make all the difference when other factors make slumber hard to achieve. But there are more tricks you can use.

This includes having breathable bedsheets and a breathable mattress, which allow air to pass through rather than keeping it – and the heat – in.

The reality of living in Britain is homes are geared up to maintaining warmth when it is cold, meaning they are ill-equipped for unusually hot spells. But with the right preparation, you can at least ensure you can get through the night ready for the next sizzling hot day.

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