How To Pair Colours Together

A hugely important part of any successful interior design scheme is your colour combinations. It can be pretty tricky to get right but you’ll definitely thank yourself if you take the time to sit down and learn a little bit about colour theory, as it’ll mean you end up with a room you love, rather than one you want to change in a few months’ time.

The colour wheel comes in very handy where decorating is concerned, featuring red, blue and yellow (the primary colours). Mixing blue and yellow gives you green, red and blue makes purple and red and yellow make orange, all of which are secondary colours.

All these colours have tints (what you get when you mix in white) and shades (what you get when you mix in black). It can also help to understand the difference between warm and cool colours, as this can make it easier to design spaces based on their practical uses. 

Warmer colours in the kitchen could be good, for example, since these can be more energetic and this part of the house is usually quite lively, while cooler colours can convey a sense of peace, so perhaps would work better in the bedroom.

To help match colours, take a look at the colour wheel. Any two colours that sit opposite each other will complement each other well, so perfect for creating a sense of contrast. Any three colours that sit next to each other on the wheel are analogous, while any three colours that are equally apart are known as triadic.

If you need a bit of help there is, of course, an app for that! Check out the Swatchmatic app, as this lets you point your phone at any colour you want and will suggest what other colours to pair with it.

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