How To Create The Perfect Bedroom For Your Teenager

Most teenagers probably think any bedroom idea mum and dad suggest are seriously naff – but a design they won’t be able to criticise is one that gives them as much ‘hanging out’ space as it does sleeping space.

Here are some tips on how to create the ideal snug for your adolescent:

  1. Chill-out zone

Every teenager needs somewhere they can chill out on their own or with their mates, whether they just want some time to read in peace, play their games console or FaceTime their friends.

Make this area really cosy with cushions or beanbags on the floor to sit on, or get a comfortable storage box that doubles up as a seat as well as somewhere they can keep their favourite books and gadgets.

Finish the area with pictures on the wall and fit some low-hanging lamps to create mood lighting and relieve their eyes from straining when looking at books or screens.

  • Study area

Your teenager might be reluctant to get their head down and study, but having a designated area for homework will certainly encourage them to do so.

Instead of having to fight over the dining table or spread their books around the lounge, having a desk, chair and shelves in their own room will make it easier to concentrate on their work.

Make it appealing to them so they are more inclined to spend time there, such as by getting a stylish desk or one with lots of storage areas for their books and stationery.

Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball Colour Curator, told Living Etc: “Define a desk area by painting it a different colour to the rest of the room. Paint a section of the wall from floor to ceiling which is just a little wider than the desk or table used for homework”

Full gloss paint was also recommended, as it gives the illusion of extra light and acts as a durable surface for blue-tac.

  • Let them take centre stage

What teenager would refuse the chance to have a stage in their bedroom and feel like a rockstar? If you have space for it, you can easily create a stage by adding an extra layer of floorboards in the corner of the room.

This will definitely make their room stand out from their friends’, as well as provide an area for their drumkit, dance outfits or microphone.

It will also boost their confidence by giving them space to practice their music, acting, singing or dancing skills. Who knows you could have the next Ed Sheeran strumming away upstairs?

  • Go bold with furniture

Okay, so you might think some of your teenager’s design ideas are a little out there, but it is worth letting them bring one or two bold pieces into the room, so they feel like it is truly theirs.

A statement sofa, a large framed poster of their favourite band, or even a swinging bubble chair are all fun pieces that can easily be removed if they change their minds. What’s more, they won’t cause any damage to the room, leaving it in pristine condition when they want to decorate it again!

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