How To Create That Boutique Hotel Feel At Home

There’s a certain something about a stay in a boutique hotel that feels so luxurious, from the fluffy white towels to clean sheets (that you didn’t have to change yourself) to the cute and complimentary mini toiletries.

Maybe you’re considering creating that same sense of luxury and indulgence in your own bedroom, perhaps inspired by a colour scheme from your favourite boutique hotel, or maybe investing in luxurious bedroom furnishings to get that five-star hotel treatment. We have a look at three tips to get you started.

Refresh your bath towels

For that hotel-level of luxury, you should buy at least three to four towels per person. The reason why hotels use white towels is that they can be bleached so that they always look brilliant white, fresh, and new, and also can all be washed in one load of laundry. Consider a towel warmer for the bathroom to ensure they’re always toasty warm when you need one!

Clear your nightstand

Clear away that pile of books and declutter your bedside table or nightstand for an instant fix to create a hotel room vibe. Leave space for a glass of water, whatever book you’re currently reading, and a soft lamp.

If you can’t bear to be without your phone at night, invest in a sleek wireless charger so you can do away with all the leads and charging cables.

Create a hotel-worthy bed

Aside from investing in a new ottoman king size bed, you should also invest in a few sets of new bedsheets. You can rotate between the set on your bed and the set in the washing machine, so be sure to have spare sheets so you can always have clean fresh bedding when you need it. For the hotel look, drape a blanket or throw it over the end of your bed.

For a truly five-star feel, keep a bottle of scented fabric spray in your linen closet so you can lightly spritz sheets before making the bed. Visit our website today to see a full range of luxurious beds and furniture

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