Don’t have a guest bedroom, don’t worry, we have your back!!

Are you looking for the best sofa bed? You’re not alone. As our homes have changed to become more multifunctional spaces, increasingly we are becoming the confident sofa bed to take full advantage of each square inch of images.

After all, why devote a full-spare room as a guest bedroom (which can rarely use), exchanging that guest bed for a multifunctional sofa bed means that you can create a work office from home, one Game room for children, music for children Room, or maybe a gym at home? All of which can be transformed when the guests come to stay simply by taking the sofa bed.

And if your house does not stretch a spare room, then add a sofa bed to your living room, either as accent seats next to one of the best sofas or instead of the classic sofa, it means that the lack of a Guest bedroom needs to crack your entertaining style.

Let us introduce you to some amazing Sofa bed velvet sofa bed Styles we offer you here at Brookland Designs

  • Synthetic velvet sofa with cup holders: This synthetic velvet sofa is easy on the eyes and budget. It has deep black upholstery, quilted sidearms, and built-in cup holders that make it perfect for cosy cinema nights. Not to mention, spills are not a problem with easy cleaning of the surface.
  • Sofa Synthetic Skin: Another option of synthetic leather, but this time on a creamy target. This modern mid-century design offers an additional average leg for additional support and coils enclosed for convenience. It’s not for you? This design also comes in black, gray, or navy blue.
  • Blind sofa bed: or maybe you’re looking for a simple guest bed that gives you a lot of option for your money. This navy blue futon is surely adjusted to the invoice! Entering a little over $100, it has stainless steel legs, an elegant blind, and rich blue upholstery.
  • Sleeper Love seat: Another option that is well suited for smaller spaces. This sleeping Love seat instantaneously transforms from an elegant two seats to a comfortable bed, simply double back and arms! Soft fabric boasts of being durable, easy to clean, and available in indigo blue, red wine, or dark brown
  • Modern small sofa bed: This charcoal gray sofa bed is perfect for sleeping a person, and its smaller size makes it ideal for sliding in the office of the house or spare bedroom. Better yet, put it in the living room and also use it as a lounge chair.
  • Mini sofa bed: This sofa bed can be small, but it is full of tons of styles. We love the gray microfiber upholstery that has become expertly accentuated with buttons and white pipes. Match with some accent pillows for the best cosy sensation.
  • Modern Scandinavian style sofa: This sofa bed with gray colour is perfect for spaces that need functions without the disorder. His accelerated air, the wooden legs, and the clean lines make it a great match for the Scandinavian-style houses. And the beautiful details cubes? That’s just cherry over!
  • Minimalist gray sofa: This elegant and minimalist sofa has a divided rest that is not only adjusted to convert into a bed but also as a recliner. An ideal sofa to enjoy your coffee, catch up with your favourite TV show, or sleep well. Available in blue, green, or gray
  • Futon Gray Sofa Bed: Then, are those who love the idea of ​​a futon, but do not like aesthetics. We heard you! That’s why this gray beauty took is on our list. It has the simplicity of a futon when it comes to folding, but its swimming one and its lateral arms give a mega increase on the style scale. Available in blue, pink, or gray
  • Modern bedside bed: while we have many options on our list that adapt to a contemporary aesthetic, this is for all lovers of the modern decoration of the medium century. This elegant sofa has a solid wooden frame, premium padded cushions wrapped in soft gray tissue, and a 2-year-old worker.
  • Modern sofa bed with side storage bag: With the pull of a handle, this option will be instantly transformed into a bed thanks to its padded foam platform that is deployed. Made from a wooden frame and linen upholstery for maximum style and comfort.
  • Bed convertible with convertibility with this sofa bed. You can pass from enjoying some of your favourite TV shows to getting a little closed-eye in a matter of seconds thanks to its easy-fold design. The second is an elegant style sofa and the next one is a cosy bed. Easy-peasy! Also, available in brown.
  • Sofa tufted channel bed: Make your guests feel like they were sleeping in a cloud with this Cushy canal sofa bed. The velvet upholstery will help this sofa to give any room a rich and luxurious sensation, while the additional storage under the seat is perfect for storing additional pillows and bedding. Available in 6 colours.
  • Sofa Sectional Black Bed: If a sectional sofa is a better fit for you, then this black beauty should be on your list. Not only is it converted into a spacious guest bedroom, but it also has easy-to-clean upholstery, simple assembly, and superior comfort.
  • Sofa bed sleeping: The cinema night can be much more comfortable and elegant, with this sofa bed. Not only is it becomes a sofa to a bed, but stops in the middle to transform into a giant sun lounger!

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