Crushed velvet sofa bed are seriously comfortable and a real pleasure

Why Velvet?

Fabric from the middle Ages, Velvet, has continued to be a popular option for furniture upholstery over the years. Your appeal is mainly due to the balance that offers between being heavy and durable, while also having a soft and luxurious surface and a beautiful brightness. Traditionally made of silk, modern velvet, is often done with cotton or synthetic, including rayon and acetate. The velvet of cotton, also known as Belvedere, is the strongest and most durable of all of them.

Thick pile velvet sofas

Our collection of crushed velvet sofa beds of soft colours and thick colours has a wide range of designs and colours. From modern styles with elegant lines and details of the back of the button to traditional timeless classics with soft curves and rotated wooden legs. Make a statement with yellow mustard, go to Regal with real blue, or soft things with silent cake and gray roses.

Crushed velvet sofas

The crushed velvet occurs twisting the velvet while wet, which produces a sumptuous, bright, and soft effect to the touch that makes an opulent impression in any room. Our range of luxurious velvet sofas includes 3-seater sofa options, 4 seats, and a corner. With foam filling cushions that are recovered, you can condiment your room with complementary teals tones, silver lavender, and truffle.

Velvet Sofa Care

The velvet sofas are perfect to snuggle with the whole family. It requires a fast vacuum once a week to eliminate loose dirt and dust and avoid washing with water. Stay away from the washing machine. Our fabrics are not designed to be washed and give each other a turn, although even a low temperature could affect the fire retardants, as well as make the colours filter and the fabric contract.

Colour velvet sofas

Gray sofas have surpassed black in popularity, a shadow that adapts to almost all houses and tastes. From the Classical French connection to the houses. Blue sofas work well as a piece of review in neutral tones, so the cream or white walls are audacious and enter a dark blue sofa against a blue marine wall. While green velvet sofas are a classic design, pink velvet and chesterfield sofas may not be a combination that automatically thinks coming it works.

Are the velvet sofas difficult to keep clean?

Velvet is known to be high maintenance and demanding fabric. Although it looks luxurious, velvet is not difficult to cleaner than other materials or fabrics.

Velvet sofas have been subjected to massive revival in recent years due to their elegance and ability to improve a room. If you have a fabric, you are likely to know that Velvet cares about keeping it looking at the best, like all beautiful things.

Cleaning Blog Velvet Sofa Yorkshire Fabric Store

However, the types of cotton and synthetic are incredible, however, synthetic velvet if you have children or pets, as they are easier to clean.

Spots in synthetic velvet are not deepened and colour does not fader too much to sunlight, unlike cotton velvet. Silk, cotton, and synthetics are all types of family velvet. Each fabric requires different cleaning methods. Silk, for example, is a very sensitive fabric that stains quickly. Polyester, on the other hand, can be kept at home.

To avoid errors, always check the correct cleaning code that is usually found on the label of your item. The velvet, unlike other materials, does not have loose threads or tissues raised, which makes it difficult to break. Its stack is similar to the cloth, which makes it an ideal tissue for your sofa.

How can you clean the velvet sofas?

After buying your Velvet sofa, it’s time to know how to clean it. The velvet has higher fabric threads on their outside, so it seems to compress, appearing as a white spot or a fold, when under pressure for long periods.

The vapour velvet fabric is a perfect way to avoid velvet compression and keep it clean. To get rid of compression, simply vapour the folds using a vaporizer or iron vapour setting and brush in the opposite direction of the stack to release the wrinkles. Make sure the vaporizer is in a low configuration to avoid ruining the fabric.

2. Cleaning of spots

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the effect of spot cleaning velvet. It always absorbs spills with a paper towel or a clean and absorbent cloth, but be careful not to rub or disable, as this will force the deepest spills in the fibres. Leave the fabric in the liquid until everything has been absorbed and driving the air.

Why us?

If you are looking for an independent header that is a little more out of the box, we offer elegant and modern designs guaranteed to add a colour pop to your bedroom. The minimalist chic of our lilac header can be modified with an elegant synthetic leather finish or soft velvet for a contemporary twist.

Buying a new header and standing bed frame requires careful consideration. In reinforced beds, we offer custom customer service to ensure that you perform the correct investment for your home or business. We offer free delivery, a heavy service guarantee with all our products, and trade prices for commercial clients. As a family-run online retailer, we have a genuine passion and the desire to provide the best in beds for you, with a focus on helping those with additional needs and requirements. Contact us today to see how we can help you, or navigate through our website for our full selection of headers, beds, and mattresses.   

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