7 Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

If you’ve been considering making some changes around the home, the bedroom can be a challenging place to make feel well designed as its main function is all about comfort and functionality.

It can be even more of a challenge if your bedroom has been doubling up as your office while working from home during and after the pandemic. However, we have some decorating ideas and tips to help you get the most out of your bedroom design.

Go subtle with the colours

A beautiful bedroom will be soothing, meaning that the ideal colours to achieve this sense are more delicate colour schemes with neutral colours such as white or cream, or a light colour palette such as lavender and light blue.

It doesn’t mean your bedroom needs to be boring, and you can include favourite brighter and bolder colours with throw pillows, duvet covers, an accent wall, or even an accent ceiling.

Make sure you can move

You want to ensurer there is ample room to be able to walk around in the bedroom to ensure a restful and relaxing vibe, so it is important to carefully consider bedroom furniture to avoid the room feeling cramped. Consider under-bed storage solutions to minimise clutter and the need for storage furniture.

Layer your lighting

You will want several layers of lighting, not just the ‘big’ light from overhead. Being able to switch on or off overhead lights, floor lamps, bedside lamps, table lamps, reading lights, pendant lights, dimmers, and sconces will help you find the right balance of light in the room for maximum functionality and cohesion.

Distribute the soft touches

The bed, the one large soft item in the bedroom, is often the focal point of the room. To help balance out the visual softness of the bed, try adding some softness in a couple of other places to avoid making the rest of the room look ‘hard’ in comparison.

Window drapes, area rugs, or plush throw blankets are great ways to spread the soft look throughout the room.

Remember the ceiling

The ceiling is typically the largest blank surface in the bedroom, and can often be forgotten when it comes to decorating. TO give the bedroom a special touch, consider painting or wallpapering the ceiling in a delicate colour or pattern, or consider adding moulded ceiling elements.

Consider a nook

Your bedroom should be your private retreat where you can escape to relax. If you have the available space, and looking for something to make the bedroom feel more welcoming and homely, consider creating a private nook.

A window seat, a loft, or even just a comfy chair and footstool all make for great places to tuck yourself up for some private time.

Follow your personal style

When looking for inspiration and ideas for the bedroom, don’t get so caught up in the latest trends that you end up with a bedroom that doesn’t feel right to you. Your bedroom needs to feel comfortable and tailored to your needs, so make sure you find ideas and styles that appeal to you.

If you love something specific – be it greenery or a crushed velvet headboard – be sure to make room for it in your design ideas.

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